Wet Floor Signs
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Wet Floor Sign  
Keep your customers and workers safe.
Warning visitors and employees alike about slick floors helps them to avoid hazards and stay on their feet.
Wet Floor Signage  
Identify problem areas.
Wet floor signs help fulfill your duty to warn passersby about dangers, and they call attention to accidents so staff know exactly where cleanup is needed.
Yellow Warning Signs  
Quick and easy setup.
Putting these inexpensive vacuum-molded signs in place is a snap - just unfold and go.
Wet Floor Signs

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Wet floor signs are the easiest and most effective way to prevent injuries in a public space. These non-intrusive markers reduce legal liabilities and avoid public hazard by providing a simple and effective warning.
Regardless of the spill or circumstance, placing a wet floor sign is always a sensible wayto prevent injuries in the workplace and the ensnaring legal battles that follow. While their placement may seem replica watch second nature, wet floor signs can help ensure safety through universally recognizable graphic language and simple design.
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Protecting yourself from slip-and-fall lawsuits
One of the primary reasons wet floor signs can prove to be extremely worthwhile investments is the proliferation of workplace lawsuits due to replika Rolex injuries from slip-and-falls onsite. In the case of workplace injuries, workers' compensation can often apply to any injury sustained on the premises, regardless of fault. However, the placement of a visible marker as pertains to wet floors can aid businesses in reducing their liability.
In clearly marking a wet surface, businesses place the legal obligation of maintaining safety on the visitor, as businesses cannot be held accountable to Panerai Replica Watches constantly and painstakingly regulate dampness in public spaces. An extremely affordable wet floor sign can relieve hundreds of thousands of dollars of probable medical fees and keep workplaces hazard-free.
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